Specialty Wireless

Managed Services Team provides quality WIFI for both permanent and temporary installations, including:

Trade Shows
Boutique Hotels
Arenas, sports, concerts
Golf Courses/tournaments
Apartment complexes
Amusement/Theme Parks
Auto Dealerships
Athletic Clubs
Banquet Halls
Warehouses, inventory control

Additional Services Include:

Generate revenue by providing paid access
Increase Security
Drive Business through advertising
Permanent or Temporary installations

CMAC Performing Arts Center

Case Study

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Landing Pages for visitors, to drive business
Vendor connectivity for point-of-sale/credit card processing
Ticket scanning
Cameras for security
Provide an easy-to-use signup page, accept credit cards, PayPal for access
Wireless Cameras capture day and night activity
Direct Clients to specific pages
Specials, coupons, menus, maps
Terms and Conditions acceptance
Rent by the week or month
Fully Managed installations
Comprehensive controls and reporting