Shortel Phone

Getting Started:

In order to get the most out of your new ShoreTel System, please take a few minutes to personalize your user information and familiarize yourself with your new capabilities.

There’s a few things to do, should take less than 5 minutes:

  • Set up your voicemail
  • Record your greetings (Available, In a Meeting, Out of the Office)
  • Enter any alternate phone numbers you may use, cell phone, home, etc
  • There is a good client training video located here:

1. Setup your Voicemail

Press the Voicemail Button on your phone
Press the Call VM soft key on the display
Enter the default password of 1234 and press #
You will be asked to enter a new password, enter it twice and press #
You will be asked to record your name and press #

2. Setup your Greetings

You have the ability to record different greetings for up to six different availability states:
“Available, In a Meeting, Out of Office, Do not Disturb, Vacation, and Custom”

“This is a powerful tool to let your co-workers and callers know your status, and control call flow to provide the best customer service possible.”

To set up your greetings for each availability state:

In your Connect Desktop Client:

Click on your name
In Settings, choose Call Routing
For each availability state, record the appropriate greeting

Other things you can do:

In Settings – Deskphone you can change your ringer to a variety of different sounds. This helps distinguish between your phone and others nearby.

In Settings – Notifications:

Choose whether or not to send an email with your voicemails attached Pick what sounds your computer makes for various events Choose what notifications “Popups” show on your computer for calls, voicemails, etc.

Set up Alternate Phone Numbers for Extension Assignment (if you have permissions from your Administrator)

Below your profile you can choose where your extension is assigned, i.e. your “primary” phone (usually the ShoreTel on your desk), your mobile phone, or other phone.

Enter in your alternate phone numbers with the appropriate labels.

This capability is turned on/off by your system administrator, so check with them to see if your organization uses this feature.

You can also add your Picture from LinkedIn, by clicking on the edit tool.

And, you can always reach us for help at 585-246-4500