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Managed Services Team is proud to offer our customers a wide variety of services out of our datacenter space in Rochester, NY. Services include:

Website Hosting

Managed Services Team can host your online presence on shared or dedicated servers, with a variety of software and bandwidth needs.

Email Services

We can manage and provide email hosting for your business of any size. Along with standard POP/SMTP based email, we provide dedicated Microsoft Exchange services, Office 365, and even provide Advanced SPAM filtering for email domains s both hosted by us or other providers.

Managed Rack Space

Managed Services Team will install, manage, and provide services to keep your server functioning through our managed hosting solution. With scheduled checks, advanced monitoring features, hardware maintenance and other managed services, your server and online needs can be met securely, efficiently, and reliably.

Unmanaged Rack Space

Managed Services Team can provide raw space, power, and bandwidth to suit your needs.

Online Backup Services

Managing the backup and archives of your data can become quite a task with tape systems that are starting to show their age. Through our online backup services, your data can be backed up securely, reliably, and on a regular basis right over the Internet, no tapes necessary!

Offsite Data Replication and Data Warehousing

Managed Services Team can provide space for you to replicate your Storage Area Network, Network Attached Storage, off site databases, and other critical data to. We can provide services to get your office network to our datacenter network at up to Gigabyte speeds, allowing you to backup servers and data as if it were in the same room as your data.



Founded in 1989 by enterprise technical experts, Managed Services Team quickly grew to become the regional leader in IT support for businesses in Western New York. In 2003 we introduced the concept of fixed-fee pricing, a.k.a. Managed Services, and eliminated forever the mystery of IT support costs.

Today we service clients across every industry, providing IT Support, Web Development and Hosting, and Contemporary VOIP communications systems. Call today for a fresh look at your technology.




  • Address:  72 Cascade Drive
    Rochester, NY 14614
  • Phone: 585 423 9810
  • Mail: support@go-mst.com