Say “Good-bye” to phone system frustration.

Introducing ShoreTel Connect

Shoretel’s unified communications system is designed from the ground up to bring multimedia communications, enterprise applications, and personal information into one seamless and integrated environment. Built on the powerful voice capabilities of the Shoretel phone system, Shoretel simplifies communication with fully integrated video, instant messaging, video conferencing, advanced mobility, presence and collaboration capabilities.

Now on-site and remote users alike can see who is available, and choose how best to reach them. With less time spent playing phone tag, everyone has more time for the real business at hand.

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Built for IP. Designed for end-user ease.

Thanks to an ingenious purpose-built IP architecture, a Shoretel system looks and behaves like a single, unified platform and can be easily expanded across as many sites, or even countries, as needed.

Easy on IT resources, too.

The ingenious purpose-built IP architecture makes the system look and behave like a single, unified platform. It distributes the system’s intelligence across the communications environment so the system scales and grows as needed, across sites, or even countries. With Shoretel Director, an intuitive browser-based administrative interface, IT staff can maintain the system from anywhere on the network. It all comes together with plug-and-play ease, from the voice switches and IP phones that are ready to go as soon as they’re plugged in, to the online directory that updates dynamically.

99.99999% availability for 100% peace of mind.

The system’s distributed architecture and applications, and its N+1 redundancy help provide five-nines availability for mission-critical business continuity. The switch-based hardware platform helps ensure that in the event of a WAN failure, the phone system continues to place and receive calls on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The lowest TCO in the industry.

Our total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis tool can show you why Shoretel is the lowest for TCO in the industry. Many customers report a return of investment within a year. Over the long term, Shoretel helps reduce costs company-wide with unified communication tools that streamline business processes, putting critical information within reach, and eliminating both missed calls and the need for expensive third-part conference services.