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The computing world is increasingly complex and the risk to your business is growing every day. Small and medium businesses that don’t take cyber security seriously risk their longevity – sixty percent of small companies close down within six months following a cyber-attack. Staying ahead of this constant barrage requires advanced systems, processes, and continual monitoring. Using the best systems available, our all-new enhanced security offering delivers active prevention and constant analysis.

Plan Components:

  • Enterprise firewalls with ongoing threat protection
  • Cloud-based management and reporting
  • Content management and website filtering
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Malware avoidance and remediation
  • Endpoint security
  • Vulnerability analysis and management

Additional Services Available:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Website Intrusion Testing
  • Social Engineering Testing
  • Client VPN Licensing and Management
  • Sites with over 50 users require larger appliances
  • contact your VCIO for custom pricing/plans


Audit and Compliance

Keep up to date with our extensive library of scheduled and custom reports

  • Enhanced network security monitoring
  • Robust network security reporting
  • Policy Management
  • Comprehensive Set of Graphical Reports
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Multi-threat Reporting
  • User-based Reporting
  • Bandwidth and Services Report per Interface
  • New Attack Intelligence
  • Alerts and Notifications

Superior Protection Around the Clock

Real‐time, multi‐layered protection against sophisticated attacks

Protect your organization from the latest known and unknown attacks, including blended threats that originate from multiple sources, operate at multiple layers and utilize multiple protocols. Our Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) delivers a multi-engine sandbox, powerful anti‐virus, anti‐spyware, intrusion prevention, content filtering, as well as application intelligence and control services.

Capture Advanced Threat Protection

Revolutionizes advanced threat detection and sandboxing with a cloud-based, multi-engine solution for stopping unknown and zero-day attacks at the gateway, and with automated remediation.

ICSA‐certified gateway anti‐virus and anti‐spyware protection

AGSS combines network‐based anti‐malware with a cloud database of over 12 million malware signatures for deep security protection against advanced modern threats.

Cutting‐edge IPS technology

AGSS protects against worms, Trojans, software vulnerabilities and other intrusions by scanning all network traffic for malicious or anomalous patterns, thereby increasing network reliability and performance.

Application intelligence and control

We help administrators control and manage both business and non‐business related applications with granular, application‐specific policies providing application classification and policy enforcement.

Content filtering service

Address safety, security and productivity concerns with controls to enforce Internet use policies and block access to harmful and unproductive web content.

Intelligent reporting and activity visualization — Provides comprehensive device management and graphical reports. Enables greater insight into usage trends and security events.

Application traffic analytics — Provides your organization with powerful insight into application traffic, bandwidth utilization and security threats while providing powerful troubleshooting and forensics capabilities.

Real-time and historic next-generation syslog reporting — Through a revolutionary enhancement in architecture, we streamline the time-consuming summarization process, allowing for near real-time reporting on incoming syslog messages. We also have the ability to drill down into data and customize reports extensively.

Real-time and historic data flow reporting — Offers administrators an effective and efficient interface to visually monitor your network in real-time, providing the ability to identify applications and websites with high bandwidth demands, view application usage per user and anticipate attacks and threats encountered by the network.

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